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Prompt for a computer asset name & move a computer to a new OU in Active Directory using powershell.

Prompt for a computer asset name & move a computer to a new OU in Active Directory using powershell. Change the AD domain and Local Admins group to your chosen target. $name = Read-Host -Prompt ‘Enter the users asset tag that you want to move in AD’ Get-adcomputer $name | Move-ADObject -TargetPath “OU=Local Admins,OU=Devices,DC=blog-adigraham,DC=co,DC=uk”

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Error 17022 when deploying Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 (KB2687455 ) with SCCM 2012

When deploying through SCCM 2012 via software updates for Office 2010 SP2 (English language only )I found that although the SP2 was installing and finishing, the status in the SCCM Deployment was showing as:- 17022 – Success: Reboot flag set All error codes here – To fix this, I reran the deployment and selected English, […]

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Convert a Office 365 mailbox to a shared mailbox

Reset the password of the domain administrator account for the client you are working on in the Office 365 portal by logging in here in the correct company (domain) Requirements Before installing the Windows PowerShell Module you must install Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant.  Download Windows Azure AD PowerShell module Click Start > All […]

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Set Windows Permissions using a batch file

I used this when for some reason a SQL Server Database would lose its permissions daily. Create a batch file .e.g Change Permissions.bat with the following inside it. cacls “D:\YOUR DIRECTORY PATH” /t /e /c /g “USERNAME – If its a Domain User domain\user”:F Change your path and username you wish to add permissions to. Please note: […]

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Outlook 2010 showing 0 reminders

Had an issue with a users Citrix Thin client that although they had lots of appointments setup in their calendar, neither the window would pop up or any reminders would appear. Tried everything i could find and the only fix that worked for me was to turn on Cached Mode on the Outlook profile. Instructions […]

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