Logitech Harmony 525 Remote Control – All in one remote for your house

Now I know what your thinking .. This guy is actually going to blog about a remote … before you flick back to Lifehacker or Amazon please read on!

In a typical house we all have the problem of having too many black, silver and white boxes in our lounge, namely a TV, DVD, Video and even games consoles and maybe a multimedia pc .. well what comes with most of those is an ugly remote control with more buttons and tweaks then you really need, not to mention all the batteries they eat!

I got fed up of teaching the girlfriend and even myself how to operate everything so I got one of these beauties – Logitech Harmony 525 remote control – for a best price in the UK try here.

The initial programming is a pain but all you need to do is the following (This is all in a setup wizard with the software, but if like me you have no laptop handy, then it saves running up and down stairs between your lounge and your PC!

This will allow you to have one button on your remote for each function .e.g Watch TV.

  • Make a note of all your different devices (full model numbers)
  • Note what each device has to do for each function – Example below:-To watch TV through your sky box and your amplifier the following has to happen:-

    Amp – 1. You turn your amp on 2. you have to select the TV input so you can hear your TV through the amplifier and your surround sound system.
    TV – 3. You turn the TV on 4. You have to select the channel 6 to see the Sky channels.
    Satellite – 5. You turn the device on

    You can get really cheeky with this depending on your devices .e.g I have the amp come on at a set volume each time!

  • Plug the remote into the supplied usb cable and into your PC
  • Load the software which allows you to configure the remote to your different devices and using the notes you took previously it should be quite straightforward.
    Once it’s done you save the config online and even if you break the remote you can just restore the config!
    I understand the config can be used on other Logitech Harmony remotes – don’t quote me on that!
  • Run the Update button to get the latest software updates (this updates all the latest TVs, DVD players etc).
Hope it goes well and leave me any questions and I will try and help!

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