How to find which w3wp.exe Application Pool is using all the CPU or Memory in Windows

So you have a IIS Webserver that is running at 100% cpu and the process causing this is w3wp.exe, this is a good way to find out which App Pool / Site is causing the problem.

  1. Create a shortcut with the following command & save as List_IIS_Apppools.cmd

    %windir%system32cmd.exe /k iisapp.vbs

  2. Run List_IIS_Apppools.cmd
  3. Download and install Process Explorer here –
  4. Run Process Explorer and sort by CPU or Memory (depending what is being hammered)
  5. On the w3wp.exe that is taking the most resource (highest %) note the PID number down and compare to the App Pools list from List_IIS_Apppools window.

Now that you know the App Pool which is taking all the resource you can Recycle and troubleshoot.

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