My Mobile / My Mobiler – Windows Mobile RC software

I use a Windows Mobile PDA and spend a lot of the time plugged into my home or work PC charging the hell out of it – again… All well and good until you receive a text or want to load some new software. This normally involves unplugging the usb cable, do the business, replug and let Activesync chug away (again – yawn).

So why not remote control your phone using your PC keyboard, mouse & LCD instead! Brad another techno geek friend of mine found this My Mobile / My Mobiler (Compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 & 5/6/6.1). It’s an emulator type program that gives you a small window that looks exactly like your mobile phone! You can do other things like screen shots and copy and paste as well. Just 5 minutes ago I received a text from my brother and replied in seconds .. beats using the PDA keyboard!

Couple of tips:-

1. If you have a dual screen setup on your PC and the app is loaded in the tray but not open then the second monitor will not be accessible using your PC mouse. So double click the tray icon first.
2. Click View, Show skin to get the slick look!

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