Revo Uninstaller – Remove Windows Programs easily.

Revouninnstaller is a nifty little tool I have been using for about 2 months.

The primary use is to stop program’s you uninstall in Windows leaving behind files and registry entries that are no longer needed – thus slowing your PC down!

The software comes in two flavours-

1. The installer edition – Requires an install to your Windows PC
2. Portable – Allows you to extract the zip onto a USB – no install required!

I tend to use the Revouninstaller as my ONLY program to uninstall software as it scans the Program’s uninstaller first, then uninstalls and then runs a ‘cleanup’ showing you all the files the default program uninstaller missed. You can then Select All and click delete. Try it and see how much crap is normally left behind!

The other neat trick for the less tech savvy is the Tools > Autorun Manager option which allows you to see and if you want to – disable those start up programs which slow your Windows boot time!

Oh and the best bit … it’s FREE!

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