Tversity – Streaming your media direct to your Consoles & other devices.

Another project at home and the girlfriend sighs once more at my excitement ;). The new kid on the Adi block is Tversity, a free streaming server that resides on a pc and allows your content to be pushed to consoles including Xbox 360, PS3. Wii, PSP plus many others. Visit the feature site to read more –

Here is a quick tutorial for setting up Tversity including the new X264 HD MKV files which I initially had trouble setting up. The tutorial below has been put together from various sites to help you get your setup sorted quickly.

PC streaming to a Xbox 360 over wireless

  1. Uninstall every codec you have on your System (XviD, DivX, K-Lite Codec Package plus any exisiting Tversity Codec pack)
  2. Download and Install the latest TVersity (DO NOT Install the TVersity Codec Pack -uncheck the box at the end of the installation)frefefer
  3. Download and Install the latest FFDShow (During the installation, set 2.0 Stereo Speaker – otherwise it won’t work)
  4. Download and Install Haali Media Splitter.
  5. Download and Install the latest AC3 Filter
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Startup TVersity and go to the Settings :-

Leave all settings as default unless I have specified a change.


  • Choose “Xbox 360” as Media Playback Device


  • Transcode Only when needed (recommended) Decrease the bit rate if it is too high for my network
  • Maximum Video and Image Resolution Video resolution: 1280×720 Image resolution: 1280×1024
  • Windows Media Encoder (for Xbox 360 and Windows Mobile devices) Use DirectShow for Windows Media Encoding Windows Media Video 9 (Don’t worry if you have a later version)
  • Optimization Optimize: Quality
  • Connection Speed and Quality Connection Speed: Either
    Wireless (54Mbps) – Excellent or Good OR Wired (100 Mbps) Excellent
  • Connection Quality: Excellent
  • Compression Compression: Minimum
  • Decoding Speed Decode the media as fast as possible

Hope it goes well, I’m experiencing buffering problems with 54G wireless so there may be a update for that problem soon. It looks like the video resolution may need to be lower …

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