How to remove a locked virus file in Windows

Have you got a Windows PC that the viruses just cannot be deleted or are locked? Try the Sophos command line way, this will disinfect core infected files .e.g. .exe, .bat etc etc (not all files as generally not needed).

Tools needed:

Create main directory – c:Sophos_Cleanup
Create sub-directories inside – Program, Logs, IDE


emergency copy of SAV32CLI – extract to Program
Latest virus identity IDE files
– Extract to IDE

  • Open notepad and paste in:
    .ProgramSAV32CLI -idedir=.IDE -REMOVE -P=.LogsLOGFILE.TXT
  • Save the file as c:Sophos_CleanupSavcli.bat
  • Reboot the PC pressing F8 after the bios screen & select:
    Safe mode with command prompt
  • Login
  • Type CD
  • Type c:Sophos_CleanupSavcli.bat
  • Check the c:Sophos_CleanupLogslogfile.txt – if there any any things to do then follow them there.

More details here

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