Discovered a new Google Docs Spreadsheet email scam

Had an interesting morning with Sunil (Exchange Guru) today at work with an email being sent from a url.

Whilst we have not clicked on it other users have and this has then triggered internal emails being sent from her email address book at a rate of about 30 a minute through one of the company email servers.

Eventually the user owned up to filling out a bogus form which was launched from the Google spreadsheet!

If you see this email below DO NOT click the ‘CLICKING HERE‘ link which would be a link to the infected spreadsheet / site.

Email details

Subject:  532 MB

Your mailbox is becoming too large. The current size is 532 MB.
Please reduce your mailbox size by CLICKING HERE.


  1. If you have users that have already clicked it, check your Exchange server tracking logs for emails sent from that user.
  2. Change the password on the mailbox and recreate a new mailbox for the user as a precautionary measure.
  3. Send out an email warning users that ICT will never ask for their password, without prior warning.

Bye for now!

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