Yac – Free personal number to redirect wherever you wish!

This is a neat service I have been using for in excess of 5 years now and was long established before the likes of Autotrader etc deployed similar services to protect their customers phone numbers.

All you need to do is go to Yac, Sign up for a free number and start setting up your redirections. The number will start 07092 and will be dedicated to you for as long as you stay with the service.

The way I use it is to hand the Yac number out to companies, classified ads and even Ebay. I then log into the web control panel and decide where I want to send the redirect, whether it be another mobile, home phone or to email (The great thing is if people call up they leave me a message which I receive as an mp3 in an email).


  • No set-up, monthly or redirection fees apply
  • Redirection to 4 UK and international fixed line and UK mobiles
  • Call forwarding hunt service with support for 3 redirection numbers
  • Voice to email and voice messaging store
  • Fax to email
  • Customisable caller greeting
  • Web-based control centre
  • All these features are available for free!

Costs to people calling the 07092 Yac number (from a standard BT line)

  • Daytime 50p ppm
  • Evening 50p ppm
  • Weekend 50p ppm

The beauty is you can give this number out and just send all calls to email so you cut down all the nuisance calls from companies. Plus if you are feeling annoyed you get the pleasure knowing it is costing them 50p per minute so why not keep them chatting!

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