Speed up a wireless-n network in your home & office

If you have a wireless-n router and a wireless-n adapter / card or other device (mobile phone, tablet etc.) then carry on reading!

**Caution – The following guide may disconnect all your wireless network attached devices**

Firstly do a speedtest on the device with the wireless-n network card – I do x3 and take the average download speed.

  1. Login to your router and into the wireless security settings and check what you have for security mode and the setting underneath – it could be WEP, WPA  WPA2 / TKIP / AES
  2. Make a note or screenshot or backup of your wireless security configuration in case you need to reverse the changes
  3. If you already have the settings > WPA2 with AES encryption, then close this guide, if not then change your router to those settings, you may need to reboot the router
  4. Once the router is running again, you may need to input your wireless password on your wireless-n device again and possibly change to the new WPA2 & AES
  5. Carry out another speedtest x3 and take the average download speed and you should see a big hike in both the download and upload speeds
  6. If the speeds are no different then simply run back through this guide and put back your old settings from your backup in step 2

Any questions ask away.

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