Fast way to backup linux – linux on your local Lan

So i purchased my new  Synology 211j Nas and when trying to backup from my Acer Revo 3700 with XBMC on my local LAN, I found the copying of a 4.5GB file with the following worked fine:-

Windows PC – Revo – Ftp = 3mins
Windows PC – Nas – Ftp = 3mins
Nas – Revo over Samba (mapped drives in Win7) = 3mins

However if i tried a direct copy from the Revo to the Nas using  Ftp, Rsync, Lftp i got 30mins.


What you need

  • 2 x linux machines
  • Both  machines sharing out folders on the network e.g. Revo – Movies and Nas Movies
  • SSH access to both machines using Putty or another program.
  • the ip address of the target machine
  • Rsync on both machines

The Fix

Using the  Revo as the source and the Nas as the destination device here is what you need to do…

  1. Login to using SSH Putty) into the source machine
  2. sudo su (enter your password)
  3. mkdir /mnt/nas
  4. mount -t cifs //target_ip_address/movies /mnt/nas -o user=source_user,password=source_password
  5. This script below will do the following:Delete any files from the destination that don’t exist in the source
    Copy over any new files that exist in the source into the destinationrsync -rv –delete –progress –ignore-existing –rsh=ssh /home/xbmc/movies/ /mnt/nas/
If you have followed that correctly, then you should see a huge difference – mine went from 3mb/s to 20mb/s

The initial sync takes a while even if you have copied over some files as Rsync checks all files and updates any files that are not the same as the original


As with all scripts take great care … I don’t want you all upset when you delete or overwrite your live data!

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